TERMISIL glass is an unique borosilicate glass, with higher mechanical and thermal resistance than standard soda-lime glass.

Termisil Glass

Cook, bake, store, freeze, serve - all in one dish!


The fast pace of life leaves you little time for rest and pleasures, let alone cooking. Every day we are looking for the answer to the question: how to quickly prepare a meal, while protecting health, our own and our beloved? And, certainly, saving the taste. Cooking has become fashionable, and healthy eating is part of the canon of the latest wellness trends.

Fashion on health and ecology has become a constant in the life of modern generations. We eat quickly, dietetically and in an original way. We are looking for new flavours, pure, unalloyed, without chemical additives. We are looking for quick ways to prepare a delicious meal and an alternative to heavy, fatty, fried foods, replacing them with baking or stewing. That is why heat-resistant glass dishes are becoming more and more common in our kitchens: cooking pots, baking pans, bowls, and more.
Consumers appreciate glass in their kitchen for its unique properties that protect the food against the loss of valuable micronutrients and preserve its natural taste and smell.
Cooking in the glass requires virtually no fat, so the meals are much lower in calories. TERMISIL glass... is more than glass! It gives you the pure pleasure of cooking and makes you enjoy the pristine look of the dishes for a long time. That is why glass proved to be a perfect partner in cooking.
Heat-resistant glassware will not only provide excellent culinary results, but also reduce the time you spend in the kitchen. High thermal resistance of TERMISIL glass to high and low temperatures from -50 to +300° C. The smooth surface of the glass helps to keep the dishes clean and also allows you to wash them in the dishwasher. Hardness and high mechanical resistance assure resistance to scratches and to losing luster in the dishwasher. TERMISIL heat-resistant dishes take no smell or taste of the food stored in them, they are safe and healthy - even for allergy sufferers. An additional advantage is that you can serve the food cooked in them straight from the oven or the microwave.
Lovers of the ecological approach to life will be happy of the fact that the glass is fully recyclable.
The innovative Grill & Drop system is a unique technology patented by TERMISIL which protects the food from sticking and ensures its proper hydration. Thanks to glass drops evenly distributed on the cover, steaming water forces thermaflow and even hydration of the food, what makes grilled meat and vegetables flavourful, juicy and really delicious.
590 REASONS ...
TERMISIL Huta Szkła Wołomin S.A. is a member of the "590 reasons why you should buy Polish products" project organised by the PEMI Association. The campaign’s goal is to draw attention to the benefits of buying domestic products and increase consumer’s awareness of their purchases. - "Promotion of domestic products gains more and more terrain. Everyone is wondering why should we buy a product made in Poland. The answer is simple. Each of us would like to support Polish economy, since it makes  large part of the money we spent come back to us. How? By an increase in sales, and hence increased employment, salaries, taxes paid by the trader in the country, and by his investments. TERMISIL glassware, Like many other Polish products, is manufactured in compliance with high technical requirements. Thanks to the quality certificate we can continue to develop and expand the scope of activities, to increase production for export and thus  to give new jobs," adds Angelika Fedrowicz Burcon, Director of Marketing of TERMISIL Glass Sp z o.o.