TERMISIL glass is an unique borosilicate glass, with higher mechanical and thermal resistance than standard soda-lime glass.


„It is our passion to deliver superior solutions that make your life easier, are good for
health, give joy and positive stimulating energy. We are satisfied only with those actions
which help to be both successful and appreciated”.

mission of Termisil


Fashion on health and ecology has become a constant in the life of modern generations. In search of tasty, low-fat and original food, we are ceaselessly looking for original flavours and new, safer materials for preparing, serving and storing food. Every aspect of our diet is becoming more and more modern and greener. An important role here is played by heat-resistant glass.
TERMISIL Glass Sp z o.o. means more than 100 years of tradition, as well as the latest technology. It is a Polish company, the only glassworks in the country and one of only two in this region of Europe which produces heat-resistant borosilicate glass. Termisil continues to invest in its development. In order to ensure high quality service we implement the quality management system ISO 9901, modernise production lines and ensure the best possible management of operating costs, which, combined, provide improved productivity. TERMISIL Glass Sp z o.o. has the world's most modern production technologies and is the only glass manufacturer on the Polish market with its own proprietary brand TERMISIL. This fact is undoubtedly a source of pride for the company, but also a direct proof that you should entrust your cooking to no other producer! The motto of the company is: "Healthy, tasty, pleasant, green!" The dishes produced by our glassworks have a modern design and using them you can prepare both tasty and natural food.

Glass is a unique material. It can be used in many modern ways, but it also has a rich history. The oldest found objects made partly of glass are about 9 000 years old. Glass was most probably invented when some sand got by accident onto a surface of clay items before they were burnt. In the beginning, glass was only a glaze on ceramic vessels. Archaeological studies attest to the existence of manufactures producing glass in Poland as early as the 10th century. However, glass production in Poland flourished much later - in the 18th and 19th centuries. In the late 19th century, glass production in Poland took to an industrial level. Since 1905 the glassworks in Wołomin has been cultivating this tradition.
Currently, the product range of Termisil glassworks comprises many heat-resistant products - aesthetic and modern items suitable to prepare any food. Thus, our company’s products include cooking pots, baking pans, ovenware, as well as brewers, bowls, pitchers, glasses and cups which people use virtually every day. These dishes are used at all stages of preparation, serving and consumption of food and beverages and are useful not only in private homes, but also in hotels and restaurants. Consumers appreciate glass in their kitchen for its unusual properties that protect the food against the loss of valuable micronutrients and help it preserve natural taste and smell. Preparing food in glass does not require practically any fat, so the meals have much less calories. Another advantage is its ecological aspect. Glass melting process consumes less energy and produces reduced emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere in comparison to production involving other raw materials. Besides, it is well known that glass can be fully recycled and a glass product may be re-used.
In response to customer expectations and demand on the business market, a whole variety of products for the B2B sector has been created. This ensures that all dishes perform several functions combining design with comfort of use, as well as brand image function. Currently, Termisil has a special offer for companies interested in promoting their brand by distributing glassware with the logo of their company or product. If so requested, a company logo or motto can be placed on glass cooking pots, as well as on selected pitchers and glasses. Such a product will undoubtedly be noticed, it will gain consumer recognition and will make a positive impact on the image of your company, products and services. It is an interesting way to promote and build awareness of the brand, which will stay for good in consumer’s mind. The offer is addressed to companies from various industries, especially to:
  • producers of beverages such as coffee, tea, herbal infusions, juices or beer;
  • producers of other products, the consumption of which is associated with glassware, such as jellies, salads, instant soups or frozen food;
  • hotel, restaurant or bar chains etc.
Placing any logo on borosilicate glass does not change in any way its excellent properties - it remains resistant to heat, durable and easy to clean. Carefully developed chemical composition of the glass ensures not only durability and easy cleaning of the dishes, but also safety of dealing with food.
Termisil is also prepared to produce dishes designed by customers themselves. This allows both food manufacturers and companies willing to give their customers and possible customers a practical gift to literally impress their own individual character into the dishes. We offer producers of ready meals containers tailored to the type of food, in which the product can be sold, and then heated and served. Since borosilicate glass is resistant to sudden changes of temperature, it allows you to, for example, quickly and easily prepare healthy and tasty meals using frozen vegetables. Producers of beverages - juice, tea, and alcohol - may consider adding to their range of products pitchers or glasses made of borosilicate glass. The clear glass will allow you to fully enjoy consistency and colour of the beverage, no matter whether it is hot tea, or a herbal infusion, a cold beer or ice juice. Later, the dish can be used many times, each time reminding the customer of the brand and, through its shape and outstanding properties, of the product thanks to which it landed in his or her kitchen. Termisil dishes will serve their owners for a very long time, as they are highly resistant to scratches and not prone to losing luster, so that even after several years of use they will still shine like new. When ordering a lot of individually designed dishes, you can choose to place on them a chosen logo on a permanent basis.
In B2B relations Termisil supports all its partners in any publicity. Borosilicate glassware Termisil is a great complement to any promotion of beverages or other food products. Not only they lead to an increase in sales, but thanks to their unique qualities (modern technology, aesthetics, high quality, ecological character and durability), they have also a positive influence on the image of every promoted brand of tea, coffee, herbal infusions, beverages and food. After entering into cooperation with us, you can quickly see its effects and use them on a large scale, since Termisil is able to produce tens of thousands particular items (in case of glasses) or over ten thousand particular items (in case of other products) in one single day. Huta Termisil produces two types of products: thin-walled, including glasses, cups, pitchers and pots, those made of pressed (or thick-walled) glass which include ovenware, baking pots, bowls and grill & drop dishes with a special system of food hydration.
What should be highlighted is the possibility to create individual dishes which would respond to the demand for product from other industries. This involves in particular the food industry. Glass containers added to instant or frozen foods, popular on the Polish market, are the perfect example. Producing such a "packaging" creates many opportunities for product promotion, ranging from pro-social aspects, such as ecology or health (glass does not cause allergy) to the possibility of collecting the particular dishes. This provides the basis for truly innovative promotional campaign.
Thus, our customers have:
  • the opportunity to purchase the products from the store of finished products, offered in a wide range;
  • the opportunity to purchase products from the store of semi-finished products with the option to place customer’s own logo and to have a customised packaging designed and manufactured;
  • the opportunity to purchase pressed glass dishes with the option to place customer’s convex logo;
  • the opportunity to produce a series of dishes on individual order, using customer’s technical design consulted with our marketing and new product development department – in this case production costs and production minimums are individually discussed.
Termisil glass is a borosilicate glass, which is far more durable and aesthetic than sodium glass, offered by the majority of companies. It gives you pure pleasure of cooking and makes you enjoy the pristine look of your dishes for a long time. TERMISIL glass is the perfect partner in every kitchen! The offer of TERMISIL Glass Sp z o.o. is adapted to individual needs of every customer.
We are looking forward to doing business with you!